Internships in Canada

Internships in Canada. Visa requirements

We offer three basic kinds of internships, structured to meet the various visa requirements.

    People may take the internship under two different visa schemes:
  • The first is the Internship visa. Internship visas are available for German, French, Swiss, Austrian, and Dutch citizens. Applicants must be either students, looking for an internship directly related to their field of studies or professionals looking for a Canadian internship in their field of work.
  • The second type of visa is the C30 Visa, open to citizens of all countries. Internships for C30 visa holders must be combined with an equal period of full-time study in Canada. This is the ideal visa for non-native English speakers as it allows them to combine English studies in Canada with a professional internship. Placements for C30 interns are done after they arrive in Canada.

For interns coming in under the Internship or Working Holiday Visas, placements must be done before they arrive.

    Global Choices offers internships in Canada in all professional fields:
  • Hospitality and Tourism Internship: Travel Agent, Retail and Food operation, Room service, Banquet Assistant, Office Administration…
  • IT Internship: Administrative Assistant, IT Support, Technical Support, Programmer, Computer Technician, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Arts, Web Production and Design…
  • Professional Internship: Administrative Assistant, Equipment Facility/Storage Assistant, Designer Assistant, Sales and Marketing, Assistant to film producer, Research, Event planning, Customer Service, Accounting…

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